Welcome to the world of Aga Rayburn Cookers!

Hodges Range Cookers is an established name in UK offering independent servicing and repairs to reconditioned Aga Rayburn cookers. Based in Herefordshire since over 15 years now, we are not just suppliers of cookers but also offer complete servicing. Our services include maintenance, servicing and repairs for these ranges also expert advice for any queries.

Our years of experience with the Aga Rayburn service speak for itself. With us you can be assured of services of the highest possible quality and combined with competent prices backed by a 12-month guarantee. We are a family run business and hence provide personal attention to each work undertaken.

A brief about our reconditioned range cookers services:

The entire range of reconditioned Aga cookers are built on site and assembled with all personal care and attention to details.

Hodges Range Cookers is fully insured and can carry out the additional building works required to complete the range. Our fitting works include building of chimney liners, fuel tanks and lines etc, but we do not support the plumbing works.

We also do a deep and FREE home survey to ensure that the site is suitable for the fitting purposes.

Our service does not just stop at building and fitting the reconditioned Agas range, but we also provide complete Aga refurbishment. We can supply any necessary spare part required for the smooth functioning of your Aga Rayburn Range upon request.


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over 20 years experience reconditioning Aga Range Cookers

Hodges Range Cookers

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